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Children of Time

Cover of Children of Time by Anne H. Weaver. Illustrations by Matt Celeskey.

Cover of Children of Time by Anne H. Weaver. Illustrations by Matt Celeskey.

In 2008, I began work on a series of illustrations for a children’s book on human evolution, written by anthropologist and educator Anne H. Weaver. The stories in the book reconstruct the lives (and deaths) of several juvenile hominins known from fossils. As one friend of mine remarked, “It’s kind of like Clan of the Cave Bear for the kiddie set.” (Clan of the Cave Bear author Jean Auel actually had some very nice things to say about the book.)

To do Anne’s stories justice, I spent a fair amount of time researching the different hominin species and cultures represented in the book, with lots of help from the very knowledgable and patient author. I’ll be adding a few of the images to this site, and several more are available on the book’s website. Children of Time was published in early 2012 by the University of New Mexico Press and is available from the publisherAmazon or your favorite local bookseller.